What They Say

What They Say

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Mario has done an exceptional job for us.  He has always found us healthy, beautiful chickens and has done a great job informing us on how best to care for them and keep them healthy.  He is very service oriented towards his customer…there was one day that he drove several hours round trip for us to take care of an emergency we had with one of our chickens!  In addition, he is a great person and a pleasure to work with.  If you are interested in raising chickens and you want high quality and good service, we recommend working with Mario!

J & G, Tiburon, CA

As I sit in my garden and review the days events, I am joined by five amazing personalities: Lucille, Buffy, Irish, Mildred and Betsy. These ladies are my greeting committee for anyone entering the garden and an escort to the front door. They bring laughter and humor to everyone. Their home is a great addition to the garden and so is their contribution to the richness of the soil. Mario has been very supportive in helping us and is available for questions and concerns. What a great community we have joined. If you are thinking about chickens — Think Holland Hen Houses. You can’t go wrong.
– C & D McCullah

Last year I decided to explored having backyard chickens. I researched all the web information and looked at the coops on display at feed stores. I concluded that design and quality of the coop was paramount. I wanted a coop that was made so that in the years ahead it would still look really nice. I contacted Mario Kip at Holland Hen Houses. With his help I am the proud owner of a great coop. Mario is a wonderful mentor. I have four happy gals. They have the perfect coop. And I have the best pets with great personalities.
– Ruthie T.

We bought the Amsterdam model and could not be happier with the product and the transaction. The coop is extremely sturdy, durable, and aesthetically pleasing. Mario was very helpful and is a wealth of commonsense knowledge relating to all things chickens. He took the time to answer in detail all the questions we had and even accompanied us to the feed store to make sure we had the products needed. How’s that for amazing customer service! It was all around real pleasure. If you are interested in backyard chickens, we highly recommend you check out Holland Hen Houses!
– The DeRuig/Miranda family.


We love our large Welsum hen house. We live in Oakland and have rats and raccoons who haven’t been able to break into our hen house! Mario was great and got us all set up right off the bat. – We have gone from novices to urban farmers in no time. I love that my 3 year old can go out and find a warm egg and be excited to cook it up. And my one year old is really excited to give the chickens ‘love’. We were worried about our 100 pound bird dog adjusting to the chickens, but he now is the their best protector from squirrels and cats!

– Kelly N.

dog and young kids in the hen house

We love the coop and the chickens. I’m amazed at how unique each one’s personality is. Kim says it’s the best present I’ve ever given her !

– Ken S.