Predator Proofing

So who eats chicken? – well many animals have chicken on their menu; raccoon, skunk, possum, fox, bob cat, coyote, mountain lion, owls, raptors etc. The good news is – we can stop them from gaining access!

Contrary to what the name would indicate “chicken wire” is not suitable to use in chicken enclosures. It will certainly keep your chickens in, but will fail in keeping predators out. The holes are too large and raccoon hands will be able to reach in and start pulling on chicken leg with devastating results. In addition chicken wire rusts over time and becomes brittle. Our 16 gauge, cage quality, galvanized wire is the best in the industry and will stop raccoons and other predators.

Many people spend $5 – 6 on a dozen eggs at farmer’s markets. A chicken can lay up to 320 eggs a year, this represents a value between $130 and $150 per animal. Four or five chickens represent a significant economic value. This is without taking into consideration the emotional cost that goes along finding maimed or half eaten animals. Many people start to regard their chickens as pets over time and are very upset when “Gertrude” has been pulled through the wire.

As a biologist I have extensive experience with animals trying to gain access to structures, and I have raised animals over many years. We have the “know how” to make your chicken house as close to predator proof as possible.  We’ll provide instructions and/or installation services to keep animals out and your chickens safe. We have not lost a single chicken while using our product over 9 years in a heavily raccoon, possum, skunk frequented area!

Regardless of whether you select one of our houses for the design, cuteness, or predator proofing, we are convinced you will be happy with your purchase!