How Tall Should a Chicken Coop Be?

A chicken coop is a place set aside to raise chickens. Owing to the fact that the health of chickens are very susceptible to diseases, much care must be given to the chickens. That means they must be put in the best chicken coops as possible. The best chicken coop should have a number of qualities that will help safeguard the chickens alongside their health too.

Different Qualities Of a Chicken Coop

How Tall Should a Chicken Coop Be?

  • The first quality of a chicken coop considered as the best chicken coop is that it must be very secure. A chicken coop without security is not a good one. That means it cannot be the best chicken coop. Security from predators is a compulsory quality of a good chicken coop as if it is not there, that can reduce the number of chickens and even their products. For proper security, a deep litter system is advised. It is expensive quite alright but it is very cheap compared to losing the chickens and their products you have worked for all the whole time. Predators can be in from of animals such as the hawk, snakes and even humans. The humans might even be neighbors, visitors, people on the street and so on. You can only experience these predators in a system other than the battery cage system or the deep litter system. With a deep litter system, you are able to prevent all predators of all sorts. You are the only one that has the access to your chicken coop which guarantees tight security.
  • Another quality of a chicken coop which should be considered are the best chicken coop is that it should be well ventilated. Ventilation is the replacement of stale air with fresh air. It can also be found to be a mechanical system which is used to circulate and replace air. In this case for a chicken coop, a mechanical system is not needed as it might produce excess air that is likely to cost more in the purchase of the system and even the aftermath result. Too much air in a chicken coop causes pneumonia which might lead to the death of the chickens. This is due to the fact that they are so fragile.


How Tall Should a Chicken Coop Be?

Ventilation is needed among the chickens but not too much. It should just be enough to sustain the chicken in carrying out their daily activities. The chickens must not be too close to each other to avoid moodiness of the feed or even overcrowding. For proper ventilation which must be without a mechanical system, small windows can be put in place or the chicken coop can even be constructed with iron nets. In this way, there is adequate and proper ventilation for the chickens.

  • The best chicken coop must also have provisions for the chicken feed to feed the chickens in form of feed containers and water bottles. A chicken coop without space for the feed is not a good one therefore cannot be called the best. When there is no space for the feed in a chicken coop, the chicken system is just disorderly as the chickens wilk struggle to eat thereby scattering everything there. It might even pour the whole feed away and the water which may cause mouldiness. For proper feeding, the feed for the chicken should be positioned at the front of the chicken so the chickens find it easy to eat without contaminating the feed. The feed must be free from all forms of contaminants both from the chicken and from external conditions.
  • In addition to proper positioning of the feed, the coop must be cleaned properly every day. This is to eliminate all from if germs as possible that can causr illness to the chickens. Note that the chicken coop should be constructed in such a way that it allows the farmer to clean the coop properly as it must not be dirty.

How Tall You Should Keep It

How Tall Should a Chicken Coop Be?

A chicken coop should be 4 feet tall. That is the appropriate measurement that a chicken coop should be for proper balance and proper usage of materials during construction. A lower height like a 3 feet tall coop will eventually lead to waste of materials by the time it is constructed. In addition to this, the chickens that are estimated to be in a standard coop will have to be reduced. If they are not reduced, it can lead to overcrowding and even moldiness which could be dangerous to the health of the chickens.

What You Should Not Do

A chicken coop greater than 4 feet, either 5 or 6 feet tall, will probably struggle for balance. It has been certified by the chicken coop producers involved in the construction that the standard height of the coop should be 4 feet tall for proper balance. Proper balance is very essential as the weight of the chicken must be accomodated by the coop.

How Space Is Important

In the coop, a good amount of space can be left below each layer of the coop. The bottom layer can be covered with hay – dry grasses or even saw dust beneath it so the chickens can move properly. The under covering enhances proper cleaning as the dust can be changed periodically. With a chicken coop as tall as 4 feet, it is very possible have this adequate space.

A chicken coop must have these qualities to be considered as the best chicken coop. If any of these qualities are lacking, it will not be considered the best because it might lead to a great loss in the Poultry number and you know what that will mean. A poultry set should be guided from all forms of enemies both internal and external to let the chickens strive well in their environment. A good poultry especially chickens poultry is reared for a period of three to four months until maturity. It can then be sold and profit is gotten from the sales.

So whatever has to be done in this period of three to four months to grow the chicken and take care of it properly needs to be done. The stress is very tedious but the output is usually very sweet.