How Do I Keep My Bearded Dragon Cage from Smelling?

Isn’t it, that quite a time it is the smallest of creatures that can produce some of the most foul-smelling scents? Seriously!

If you as well are someone who is going through such a scenario at your place then do give a read as this article brings you all about how one can keep the bearded dragon cage away from stinking using the best bedding for bearded dragons.

However now after going through that phase where everyone is literally pissed because of the smell that comes from the dragon cage.  Here is bringing you some of the easiest little tips that you may follow and workaround for keeping the tank not only span and spic but also let that smell great.

Why Does The Tank Of Your Bearded Dragon Stink?

How Do I Keep My Bearded Dragon Cage from Smelling?

Firstly, let us examine a few of the possible reasons that could well be amongst the reasons as to why your tank of bearded dragon smells.

It is pretty important that you try and clearly understand what can be the cause of the odor? Because then only you would be in a position where you are sure to take appropriate actions that might benefit you both including you and your little pet.

This generally includes deciphering the source of the smell, whether it is coming from the bearded dragon’s tank or your actual bearded dragon.

Let’s begin understanding and learning what can be done in either instance.

In Case If It Is Your Bearded Dragon That Actually Stinks

How Do I Keep My Bearded Dragon Cage from Smelling?

If that is the case, there could well be numerous reasons as to why your dragon actually stinks, including-

  • You are using a paper towel or a loose substrate
  • They may have some fungal infection
  • Loose substratum is notorious for cutting-off odors from poop and urine as they are supposed to be highly absorbent.

For example

  • If you are someone who is using some kind of sand in the dragon’s habitat, despite the fact you might be too quick to scoop out that poop or urine very quickly then also it is exceedingly unlikely that you would be able to get every single grain of the sand that would have made contact with waste.
  • Because the grains get left behind, they do not only contribute to that smelly tank but may also transfer bacteria and odors to your dragon if they come in the contact with sand.
  • It is advisable and recommended, that you switch to the non-loose substrates such as linoleum tile or reptile carpet
  • These couple of substrates are generally a breeze to keep it clean and don’t trap odors like the loose particle substrates generally do.
  • Additionally, they also are also supposed to be safer for the dragons

In another regard, fungal infections may cause the bearded dragon to possess an odor and may present the whole range of various other health problems.

In order to determine if it is your bearded dragon that actually smells and may possess a fungal infection, it is recommended giving her or him a nice 20-30 minutes of soak in a warm bath.

If they will allow, gently brush them with a soft-bristled brush or some toothbrush or you may use a tiny bit of an ultra-gentle baby sort of soap. If the dragon still continues to stink after a bath, it is obvious and likely that there is some health issue. However, if you go on to suspect the bearded dragon possessing a fungal infection, carry them to some reputable reptile vet as soon as possible for the diagnosis and the treatment plan.

In case It Is The Tank Of The Bearded Dragon That Smells Bad

How Do I Keep My Bearded Dragon Cage from Smelling?

Once you are confident feeling that the stink is not really coming from the bearded dragon and is actually coming from its habitat, please contemplate the below-mentioned possible culprits of the stinky tank-

  • Crickets/Rotting food
  • Paper towels/ Loose Substrate
  • Bearded Dragon’s poop got parasites in it

When the tank of the bearded dragon smells, then it is possibly due to the rotting food or the buried feeders that might have been left behind.

Try as soon as possible to thoroughly pull out all the food and the existing feeders that may have not been consumed within more than 24 hours. The food and the feeders that are left behind naturally begins to rot and may smell really awful. It is highly recommended to thoroughly clean the tank of your dragon with some diluted bleach solution once every few weeks in order to ensure that you are removing all the present bacteria inside the tank.

Also, you need to make sure that you wash every little thing with warm and soapy water right after the initial bleaching, so that there are no chemicals for your Dragon to ingest.

The Best Bedding For The Bearded Dragons

How Do I Keep My Bearded Dragon Cage from Smelling?

Opting for the best substrate for your bearded dragon is really a highly debatable subject within the existing bearded dragon community. Several people are vehemently using it and continuing to claim that it is the only one to use, whereas, there is another section of people who are against using certain substrates. Which substrate can you use may well be determined by knowing the age of your bearded dragon, for how long you are looking forward to keeping it properly clean, and it may also depend on your personal preference.

So, there you are with all the ideas you have now! That you might have wished t possess before going through this article and now hopefully this article will prove to be helpful in assisting you in order to determine not only a few of possible reasons that your bearded dragon’s tank might be smelling but also in deciding some best bedding for bearded dragons.

In case, if you have your favorite way of eliminating the odor then you may go on to continue following the same routine but only if that is as effective as the ones mentioned in this article.