Hen House FAQs

Why can I not use chicken wire to make a chicken house?

The mazes in chicken wire are large enough for a raccoon to reach in and greb a chicken leg or wing, with devastating results. In addition rats, weasels etc. will have no problem coming in. We use mostly 16 gauge 3/4″ hardware cloth that was intended to stop predators and rodents. This option is our times more costly than chicken wire, but will give you piece of mind.

Why is your siding smooth on both sides?

Chickens create dust and it is important that a wet rag can easily keep your house looking fresh with minimal effort.

Can I customize the paint colors such as using the same paint colors of my house?

We will try to accommodate where we can, please contact us and we can discuss the additional costs and logistics to make this a success.

What is the difference between a hen house and a run? Do I need both?

A Hen House is needed for a safe place at night to roost. In addition the Hen House is where the chickens generally lay their eggs (this is where the nest boxes are) The run provide them the ability to go outside, scratch and enjoy the sunshine, while at the same time being contained and protected.

What kind of wood do you use?

We use high quality woods from sustainably managed sources, and we try to use recycled woods that have not been used for animal enclosures previously.

Where do I find more information on chicken breeds?

You can find more information on feathersite.com or backyardpoultry.com to learn more about chickens.

Do you assemble the Hen House?

Locally we assemble the hen houses that would be ready for pick up at various dealer locations or delivered to your home. For charges please refer to our price list.

How often do you clean your Hen House?

This depends on the number of chickens, if you stay within the recommended numbers, then cleaning the house thoroughly once a month should be sufficient, provided that you remove the droppings collected in the roosting box..

How do I maintain the Hen House?

The Henhouse is made of quality materials, however when placed in the elements painting or staining is necessary and upkeep every few years might be needed. We recommend re-painting the Hen House when you see that the elements are starting to take its toll.

How do I best install the Henhouse?

Make sure that the Hen House is placed on level ground. Gaps around the bottom of the run can invite rodents or worse predators to come for your chickens. We recommend, using welded wire along the bottom of the run to deter any predators gaining access. Instructions for installing are provided with the Hen House.

Where do I buy chickens?

Chickens are seasonally offered at feed stores, the humane society often has rescued birds available that deserve a second chance, or check craigslist for 4-H people selling chicks or chickens. You may also contact us for resources.