Chicken & the Egg

The Chicken and the Egg

chicken ranging freely

Chickens bustling about in your garden provide a cozy feeling and provide you with fresh delicious eggs. Taking care of chickens is easy and they do not require grooming, walks or a lot of personal attention. However, chickens are known to become very trusting and friendly, and incidentally make great pets. People generally love chickens and are excited about finding new eggs!

Teaching children about food production is a very valuable lesson. Watching chickens chase bugs in my yard and hearing their contented little clucks is the perfect stress reliever after a long day at work.

Anyone who has tasted the difference between store bought and real backyard eggs will tell you about the difference in taste and color. We can help you get set up and provide advice if you are new to chicken keeping. We also provide community presentations on how to raise chickens successfully.

Convinced? We think that we have the products to make your dream come true!