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How Do I Keep My Bearded Dragon Cage from Smelling?

Isn’t it, that quite a time it is the smallest of creatures that can produce some of the most foul-smelling scents? Seriously! If you as well are someone who is going through such a scenario at your place then do give a read as this article brings you all about how one can keep the… Read More »

How Tall Should a Chicken Coop Be?

A chicken coop is a place set aside to raise chickens. Owing to the fact that the health of chickens are very susceptible to diseases, much care must be given to the chickens. That means they must be put in the best chicken coops as possible. The best chicken coop should have a number of… Read More »

Welcome to Holland Hen Houses

Amsterdam Hen House:Photo by Tim Porter / Marin Magazine We are currently very busy and have limited availability. Questions to ask yourself when buying a hen house? How many chickens can I keep in my hen house? Too many hens in an enclosed space can lead to aggressive pecking and unsanitary conditions. All of our… Read More »