Attractive, European-Designed, Locally Made Hen Houses

The architecture of our hen houses is specifically intended for a backyard setting, taking into consideration, space requirements, attractiveness, the desire for a relatively small flock and the wellbeing of your chickens. Our houses allow you to watch and enjoy your chickens while enhancing the beauty of your garden.

All Holland Hen Houses are exclusively designed in Holland and are hand crafted in San Francisco Bay Area.  We use high quality materials, like galvanized 3/4″ wire, custom milled cove lap smooth siding, hard wood trim and base. The houses are rich in hand crafted ornamental detail providing its unique character.  Holland Hen Houses are beautiful without compromising practicality, making egg collection and cleaning your Hen House a breeze.

The doors to both the Hen House and the run can be latched making your Hen House predator proof. The Hen Houses allow your chickens access to the outdoors while being protected from the elements. Our houses have been perfected over the years and their thoughtful design allows for your and your chicken’s happiness!

Our houses are also available as unpainted building kits to allow for easy transport and selection of the color you feel is most desirable for your garden. Painting is available in our signature Dutch green/crème at additional cost, custom paint colors might be accommodated, set up and delivery is also possible at additional charge.

Each Hen House is named for a city in Holland or Dutch Master including Utrecht, Barneveld, Welsum, Amsterdam, Rembrandt, Van Gogh and Vermeer.

You now have a choice out of four great models, or contact us for a custom hen house, that will allow you to follow through on that dream and produce your own eggs, and taste the change!

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