10 Reasons to Keep Chickens

chicken drawings

10 Reasons to Keep Chickens

Tasty Healthy Eggs – Your own fresh tasty organic eggs, available when you want them!

Children – They love chickens and looking for the eggs

Slow Food – Know what you eat and what your chickens have been fed

Free bug control – Chickens eat pill bugs, ear wigs, spiders, slugs and whatever else crawls in your yard and affects your garden and no pesticides needed

Weed control – Chickens love grasses and other weeds sprouting up

Low maintenance pets – Chickens are fun to watch and do not need to be walked

Free fertilizer – Rich manure ready to turn your garden green and blossom

Composting made easy – Chickens will eat your left over fruits, vegetables and table scraps

Peace of Mind – You know your chickens will be raised humanely

Beauty – Many chicken breeds are pretty and an asset to your garden