• Door to run and hen house for easy access
  • Chicken Door – which can be opened and closed from outside the run
  • Plexi glass window
  • Latches for security

Utrecht - not available

Suitable for 3 bantam chickens, 2 to 3 bunnies, or 2-4 guinea pigs.
Length: 71" / Width: 35" / Highest point: 52"

Utrecht is currently on SALE! 500$ - Order yours fast, they will  not last. at this price!


The Utrecht has been designed to be an all-in-one Hen House and run, especially for people who wish to only have a few chickens or who have smaller gardens. The cute front window gives this Holland Hen House great appeal and will be a treasure in your garden.

The Utrecht is standing on Trex, and the high grade finishes are absolutely stunning, including mahogany trim on top.


The Utrecht also looks fantastic in natural stain with dark trim.

Note: Bantam chickens are one third to a half the size of regular chickens. They lay smaller eggs which are sometimes considered more flavorful. In many cases bantam and full-size chickens get along well, especially when raised together from chicks.

Holland Hen Houses is based in Mill Valley in the San Francisco Bay area and uses Holland designs and knowledge of chickens to develop hen houses for the US market.