Leiden - not available

Suitable for 6-8 bantam chickens or 6-7 full size chickens
Length: 102" / Width: 32" / Highest point: 66"
Pricing Great Deal at $749

The new model provides people an excellent solution to keep chickens in a very attractive setting. Very attractive house, at a very attractive price, call us for details! This house also consists of two parts, the house and the run, and are screwed together like the other models. An attractive roof cap is attached to make sure rain does not have a chance to come in. This house will be an asset to your garden!


Note: Bantam chickens are one third to a half the size of regular chickens. They lay smaller eggs which are sometimes considered more flavorful. In many cases bantam and full-size chickens get along well, especially when raised together from chicks.

Holland Hen Houses is based in Mill Valley in the San Francisco Bay area and uses Holland design concepts and knowledge of chickens to develop hen houses for the US market.