Delft chicken house

Delft -not available

Suitable for 7-8 bantams chickens or 5 – 7 full size chickens (depending on free range area)
Length: 108" / Width: 30" / Highest point: 70"

The Delft is a little larger than the Amsterdam and a little smaller than the Welsum. The house is hand crafted with at least 50% recycled wood. The siding used is different than the other houses and has more of "rough" look to it. The wire used is 1/2 inch rather than the 3/4" used in all our other models. This house has a slightly more modern look and the lines are more straight without loosing the characteristic Holland Hen House flair. As with all our products, this house will stand out in its workmanship and will be an asset in your garden. Give us a call and order yours today! Note that this is a great value at $699.

Note: Bantam chickens are one third to a half the size of regular chickens. They lay smaller eggs which are sometimes considered more flavorful. In many cases bantam and full-size chickens get along well, especially when raised together from chicks.

Holland Hen Houses is based in Mill Valley in the San Francisco Bay area and uses Holland design concepts and knowledge of chickens to develop hen houses for the US market. All products are built in a 100 mile radius of San Francisco.