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Amsterdam Hen House:Photo by Tim Porter / Marin Magazine

Welcome to Holland Hen Houses

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Questions to ask yourself when buying a hen house?

How many chickens can I keep in my hen house?

Too many hens in an enclosed space can lead to aggressive pecking and unsanitary conditions. All of our hen houses (also called a ‘coop’) are elevated to created additional floor space underneath them and easy access to the house. We have indicated in the description of our houses how many chickens each hen houses will comfortably accommodate.


Do I need a ‘run’ too or just a hen house?

We recommend a run because chickens can have access to scratch in the dirt in fresh air while you are at work and they will be safe from predators. If you have the space a coop can sit in an enclosed (and covered) yard but most people opt for a run as it requires a smaller space.  Along with concerns about predators, chickens may nibble at your plants so you may want to restrict their hours of free-ranging in your garden. More importantly you need a covered run with adequate drainage. Chickens are not like ducks and cannot be kept in a muddy and wet environment. This is why our runs are covered and slope to the side to direct water away.


Why Quality Matters

We believe that we make some of the highest quality, best looking coops and runs. While there are less expensive houses on the market, this is generally due to inferior building materials than the quality that we provide:


Why not a more traditional tin roof?

While many chicken coops are outfitted with these, ask yourself this:  have you ever been inside of a shed with a tin roof when it rained, or on a blistering hot day?  A tin covered hen house essentially becomes a drum, echoing each rain drop that hits it. In addition, it offers no insulation against extreme heat or cold. This is why we use exterior grade wood covered with roofing material.


The Scoop on Chicken Poop

Chickens poop a lot, and especially during the night when they digest their food while sleeping. Some hen houses are outfitted with a wire bottom like those used in industrial poultry operations, which requires you to scoop the chicken poop out from under the house. We believe that this is not an ideal setup in backyard situations, because the wire becomes caked with excrement that does not fall through, and the chicken manure alone is too ‘hot’ to be placed directly from the floor into plant beds. Alternatively we use a solid floor which we recommend covering with a layer of pine shavings, which have a pleasant scent and absorb the moisture and odor. When scooped out the shavings with manure can be placed around plants that are not too sensitive without burning them. The floor, roosts and nest boxes are all removable for cleaning.


Is it possible to customize my Holland Hen House?

Yes we have made a number of custom houses for apartments to estates. Let us know your needs and we can develop a chicken house and run to meet your particular needs.

If you have any further questions please do not hesitate to call us! 415 8888 264

chickens in the garden